How we work

Loss Prevention Experts – we generate additional profits for companies by limiting losses
and optimizing processes and resources.

The level of losses resulting from frauds and fraud, as shown by the results of the research in the Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse 2016 – ACFE, amounts to an average of 5% of the company’s revenues. The company also loses a similar revenue value due to the low efficiency of a number of processes.

4 Steps to the Goal

Our approach to optimization is based on four steps: audit, recommendations, implementation and monitoring

At the beginning of cooperation with a client, we analyze the financial and operating results of the company. We interview employees at multiple levels of the organizational structure. We conduct a multidimensional research on processes and procedures aligning them with best business practices and market knowledge.

We apply specialized IT applications for advanced Big Data analysis, statistical inference and analytical visualization. We have high competency in concluding complex business data.

We prepare a report presenting a multidimensional assessment of the loss generating areas and recommend actions that have the greatest potential for profit improvement, considering the necessary inputs for their implementation.

Our strong competence and, at the same time, the most important element of the whole project, which gives tangible benefits, is the implementation of the recommendations selected by the client.

Maintaining the effects of implemented recommendations requires constant supervision, while market changes or organizational development may require constant adaptation of earlier solutions, therefore, in various projects, we support the client by monitoring the effects and suggesting possible corrections, following the implementation process.

Millions in savings

Loss Prevention Experts – We deliver and implement solutions that improve companies’ net profit by reducing and preventing losses and improving the efficiency of selected processes.

The level of losses resulting from frauds, as indicated by research, is on average 5% of the company’s revenue. The company also loses a similar revenue value due to low efficiency of several processes.

As experts on loss prevention, we identify the places where these losses are created and their causes. We develop recommendations based on best market practices and then, together with our clients, implement solutions that directly increase net profit. For example, for a company with revenues of PLN 100m and a net profit of PLN 5m, a loss of 2pp. results in a 40% improvement in net profit.

We operate in key business areas – especially in purchasing, sales, transportation, manufacturing, material management, security and insurance. Each of these areas is managed by dedicated, experienced and specialized experts.

We participate in the entire change process

The effects of our experts actions is the efficiency increase, loss reduction and improvement of the company’s financial performance.

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