As part of the offer of process optimization and loss prevention in the area of insurance, we verify the current parameters, the course of the process and evaluate its effectiveness. Inventory of all insurance lines allows us to recommend an insurance system that is tailored to the customer’s business and brings savings.

The offer’s range for optimization and loss prevention in the insurance area includes the following:



Insurance efficiency

  • Needs analysis in the context of the involved risk
  • Analysis of the owned policies’ needs coverage
  • Cost to scope of insurance ratio evaluation

Insurance model

  • Proposal of risk minimizing activities that reduce insurance policy cost
  • Development of the target protection scope
  • Presentation of alternative ways to transfer risk


In many cases, the insurance does not provide customers with the expected benefits. Most often, there is lack of compensation due to limited coverage, various clauses in the policy, or due to a high deductible. Another concern is the amount of premiums or its growth – sometimes inadequate to the insurance coverage.

We provide:

  • measurable financial benefits resulting from lowering insurance costs – up to 30%,
  • required, complete insurance range adjusted to the risk area,
  • exchange of insurance for alternative solutions,
  • support thru complaint and claim handling processes,
  • support in obtaining investment funds for risk reduction investments (preventive funds).

Loss Prevention Experts


We specialize in the insurance field – we developed 9 original insurance programs tailored to the specific nature of the clients’ business and needs, including our original Transport insurance policy.


Our experts, working in the insurance market for 20 years, have conducted hundreds of successful implementations that generate tangible benefits by adjusting the scope or reducing the cost of insurance for our customers.


We have our own claims department.