Our experts

Our experts specialize in the areas of process optimization and loss prevention in an enterprise.

We have experience in sales, material and commodity management, transportation, security systems, purchases, insurance, etc.

During project implementation, they seek the potential of change by combining the internal knowledge of the organization – the client’s knowledge with our expertise and the “fresh” external look. By exploring all relationships, they prepare a change project, keeping in mind all possible synergies, effects measurement, and the organization’s potential to effectively implement our recommendations.

Our experts have managed domestic and export sales, service and product sales, and purchasing departments in large enterprises across many industries.

Our experts, experienced in the insurance market have for over 20 years, conducted hundreds of successful implementations that generate tangible benefits for our customers by adjusting coverage or reducing insurance costs.

Our experts obtained experience on the one hand as security and loss prevention professionals in large international companies, on the other hand, working in the largest security companies.

Based on extensive experience in the field of transport and constant market trend monitoring, manufacturers and suppliers transportation, delivered millions of savings to their customers.