We offer consulting on optimization and automation of materials management processes; our recommendations are based on an analysis of operating costs associated with this process; We audit the current available solutions.

The scope of the offer in terms of optimization and loss prevention in the area of material and commodity management:

Analysis and verification of particular areas of materials and commodity management, in particular:


  • Recording, qualitative and quantitative assessment of raw materials and goods at the intake stage, internal traffic, storage and release
  • Responsibility identification at each process stage
  • Verification of rules and ways to record and settle inventory.
  • Analysis of losses resulting from loss, damage and loss of value of raw materials and goods on site and in transport to the recipient
  • Verification of waste management for malpractices
  • Verification of systems supporting warehouse processes


The area of materials and commodity management is particularly vulnerable to the occurrence of losses due to large volume and traffic of materials. Partial or permanent damage to materials or its loss and consequent financial loss may occur during the process. A major problem is the requirement for qualitative and quantitative verification of received or delivered goods in a short time. Incorrect supervision over the process often generates large losses.

We provide:

  • evaluation of internal material management procedures and their verification in terms of needs and possible process optimization and savings,
  • system and teletechnical optimization of operating and storage processes,
  • goods safety improvement throughout the entire cycle: from receipt of goods, through its internal management and release from the warehouse,
  • explaination for reasons of inventory deficiencies and support during the recovery process.


We have the knowledge and expertise in modeling warehouse processes in cross-dock facilities, stockpiles, high storage, packaging and many more.


Our experts have extensive experience in materials management, including: TFL (Transport, Forwarding, Logistics), KEP (courier, express and parcel delivery), metallurgical, mining, fuel, industrial and commercial.