The key process in the broadly understood industry is, of course, production. We look at production based on performance indicators (OEE). We search for places where changes and improvements can be made to reduce manufacturing costs. We check the efficiency of resources’ use to reduce the working capital.


  • Flow chart analysis of the production process, evaluation of process efficiency
    and potential bottlenecks.
  • Analysis of the product portfolio in terms of margin maximization
  • C/T calculation at various stages of the production process.
  • Working time measurement and analysis for operators working at a certain production stage.
  • Analysis and indication of improvements in the area of production instructions.
  • Calculation of interoperability buffers.
  • Monitoring evaluation of production reporting and the escalation of emerging production problems.
  • Analysis and optimization of warehouse traffic.


Customers operating in the production industry are constantly under a great deal of pressure to reduce production costs, improve quality, retool rates, and stick to deadlines. While functioning in specific realities they may not have access to effective solutions used by market leaders.

We provide:

  • increase in production process productivity,
  • labor costs reduction,
  • optimization of warehouse movements and reduction of material storage costs, identification of origins and reduction of process losses,
  • identyfikację miejsc powstawania i ograniczenie wartości strat w procesie,
  • introduction of effective solutions tested with other clients.


Our partners have extensive knowledge of production optimization in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, and have built on projects with customers from many industries.