In the current market situation safeguards often don’t secure against losses, but generate losses themselves. Therefore, we verify the integrity of the entire security system in the organization. We carry out security audits, investigate actual needs, recommend actions to prevent potential losses, and support the client when implementing selected solutions.



Physical security – services provided by security personnel 

  • Verification of the approved physical security system
  • Verification of the contents of the contract for the provision of security services for persons and property
  • Comparison of the terms of the contract with the implemented service
  • Verification of tasks of the physical security service at the facility
  • Verification of the support of the security service by intervention groups

Technical security (electronic, mechanical, architectural, construction)

  • Electronic security systems analysis
  • Electronic surveillance coverage of sensitive zones assessment
  • Mechanical security systems verification
  • Architectural Security verification
  • Degree verification of replacement of physical security with technical systems

Formal and legal safeguards

  • Verification of procedures related to goods and persons traffic
  • Analysis of procedures in the event of: loss or damage of goods, occurrence of excessive variations, theft, burglary, robbery, sabotage, fraud, suspected offense or detriment to the company, obtaining information on placing, finding or explosion of explosives, people under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs staying within the facility
  • Other safety procedures verification
  • Verification of procedures and instructions for the security service
  • Formal analysis of security service documentation



What problems do businesses deal with constantly in the area of security? Mainly – a dynamic increase in security costs. Many clients believe that the quality of service and the effectiveness of security require urgent and decisive improvement. In addition, today, companies are still heavily utilizing physical security rather than introducing more efficient and cheaper technical solutions. It is also common practice to oversize both physical and technical security.

We provide:

  • generating optimal protections – economical (service vs cost verification), organizational (tailoring the security plan for the structure) and functional (assignment of tasks and necessary competences)
  • actual evaluation of the KPI and SLA parameters of security services implementation
  • optimizing the number of man-hours of security personnel in relation to the tasks and risks at various posts
  • effective use of technical security systems in accordance with defined risks and functions
  • increase in customer awareness and better evaluation of the actual actions implemented in relation to those included in the contracts
  • strengthening the integrity of the system and enforcing the responsibility of security agencies.

Loss Prevention Experts

Our experts have gained experience, on the one hand, as security and loss prevention professionals in large international companies, on the other hand, working in the largest security companies. The combination of these competencies is reinforced by ongoing practice in LPE’s optimization and loss prevention projects.


We review all the factors affecting the effectiveness of security, keep an eye on market changes, technology trends, and supplier competitiveness.


Our actions are confirmed by clients, to whom our presented solutions have brought measurable savings and increased security.