Sales is one of the key features in any organization and it has a big impact on improving profitability. We audit sales in terms of the margin and cost effectiveness of marketing and sales activities. We review the coherence and accordance of the process with the company’s business objectives.



Polityka cenowa:

  • Base prices’ determining method and its updating process analysis,
  • Verification of price deviations in different approaches,
  • Verification of the rules for the granting of discounts and bonuses
  • Costs settling method and income from additional products / services (foreign) assessment,

Commercial transactions

  • Multidimensional sales profitability analysis for individual areas, segments, customers, products, and transactions
  • Complaints and returns analysis

Commercial Efficiency Ratios (CER)

  • Commercial cost allocation analysis

Procedury sprzedażowe

  • Sales results (margin) versus sales costs analysis
  • Analiza alokacji kosztów handlowych

Analysis of the use of support and supervision tools and incurred costs

Sales procedures

Financial resources at the disposal of the commercial department

Bonus system

  • Verification of compliance with strategic objectives
  • Performance evaluation and threat analysis


The most common sales problems, especially with an extensive product portfolio and dispersed structures, are the high commercial costs, lack of consistency, or failure to adhere to pricing policies, and difficulty in accounting for sales performance of salesmen.

We provide:

  • introducing a consistent pricing policy,
  • reducing losses in the area of rebates / bonuses / discounts,
  • eliminating unfavorable transactions
  • increasing the efficiency of salesmen
  • linking wage systems to strategic objectives.

Loss Prevention Experts


Our experts have several years of experience in domestic and export sales, services and products sales in many industries. Their main competencies are concentrated on increasing sales effectiveness.


We detect loss-generating system errors suggest solutions that generate additional profits.