Transport EN

We improve cost efficiency

As part of the loss prevention offer, we guarantee process optimization and loss prevention in the transport area. We verify the management policy of internal and external transport. We offer solutions that increase efficiency.

The offer scope in terms of optimization and loss prevention in transportation:


Internal Transport

  • Operating costs analysis: fuel, repairs, service, insurance, telematics, tachographs.
  • Transport park use evaluation (performance vs. use).
  • Transport service quality verification accounting for all possible parameters
  • Analysis of rates and contract terms of fuel suppliers.


Outsourced transport

  • Analysis of freight and freight forwarding services’ costs, comparison with market rates.
  • Spatial analysis of carried out transports.
  • Fraudulent analysis of subcontractors
  • GPS data analysis.
  • Risk assessment. Risk transfer to subcontractors, selection and verification of subcontractors’ credibility, verification of contracts and orders.
  • Quality verification of the transport service accounting for all possible parameters
  • Evaluation of cost-effectiveness of the accounting method for transport costs (loaded kilometer, no-load kilometer, ton kilometer).
  • Handling complaints’ processes.


In many cases, transportation costs represent a large share of the company’s costs and are at the same time vulnerable to loss. Common problems for companies using external transport are the selection of appropriate carriers, high rates per kilometer, inflated mileage on certain routes. The framework of the companies’ own transportation (fleets) include losses resulting from fuel, repairs abuse and excessive consumption of transportation means. In both cases, there is no proper protection in case of damage or loss of the goods.

We provide:

  • optimization of transport resulting in savings from a few to several dozen percent,
  • elimination of abuses of external transport and fleet,
  • Improved transport management efficiency.


Based on many years of experience, our experts are a guarantee of the quality and effectiveness of the implemented solutions in the field of transport.


We monitor market trends, manufacturers and transport suppliers.


We run a market benchmark of fleet solutions in terms of financing, servicing, operating costs, fuel economy, insurance contracts.


We participate actively in the purchasing procedures of our clients regarding transport services.


We have generated millions of savings for our clients. For one of them the generated savings was at the level of 5 million PLN.