Case Study: Optichoice

Finding savings in courier shipments and tailoring them to the Client’s specific needs.

The Challenge

A large e-commerce shop worked with multiple courier service providers. The company had a problem choosing the optimal delivery service when sending specific parcels to customers. They needed an indication of which courier to choose for sending a parcel in order to get the best value for their money. 


LPE Poland experts gathered all the necessary information from the Client about previous shipments and determined the company’s transport needs for the future. They made a detailed division of courier shipments according to their categories, including import/export, domestic/international or land/air delivery.

Having collected all the necessary information on the types of parcels being shipped, we proceeded to conduct a detailed analysis of the courier service provider market with regard to the Client’s specific needs. 


Thanks to detailed market verification and negotiating skills, we concluded new agreements with courier carriers, allowing the Client to save about more than 30% of their previous expenses on courier shipments. The agreements we negotiated were not only more cost-effective. They were also constructed precisely as per the Client’s expectations and offered a guarantee of maintaining attractive prices in the long term.