Time and money saved by Streamline.

A manufacturer of office equipment: bookcases, desks, file drawers, storage cabinets, computer roller-blinds. Thanks to the implementation of Streamline software, the Client saves over 200,000 zloty a month on the costs of excessive stock alone, which is a 36% reduction in inventory.

But that’s not all. Other key results achieved with the software include a 90% reduction in the time spent managing planning processes throughout the entire supply chain. An employee responsible for this area used to spend about 2 days on updates and analysis—now it takes a few seconds.

Why did the manufacturer use Streamline? Because it saves time and money. Managers noticed problems in the area of manual management based on Excel. “Manual” handling generated errors and consumed a lot of time. On top of that, it was not always possible to properly plan purchase orders for raw materials. All that created errors related to the proper allocation of production, which in turn generated shortages in the final product.

Streamline was a solution. After testing the software, the manufacturer decided to implement it. Data from Excel sheets and the Client’s ERP system were imported to Streamline. It was done seamlessly and did not interfere with day-to-day operations. As the Client said, the connection to the database was instantaneous. Thanks to the data already obtained from Streamline, the Client was able to eliminate areas generating unnecessary costs, both at the level of goods turnover itself as well as in the storage and handling infrastructure it requires.

That’s how Streamline works. It can save time and money for any organisation that manages a supply chain.