LPE POLAND has joined the ranks of companies affiliated with the Employers of Poland.

Employers of Poland was founded in November 1989. It brings together more than 19,000 companies collectively employing more than 5 million people.

As LPE POLAND, we fully subscribe to the goals of the association, and, mainly because of the area we operate in, we are particularly keen to engage in projects aimed at increasing the innovation of companies and the interest of all members in modern technologies and solutions brought by digital transformation.

Employers of Poland is an excellent space for discussion, exchange of experience and creating solutions that not only help and support companies or employees, but are also important from the public interest perspective, contribute to economic development and increase the competitiveness of Poland on the economic map of Europe and the entire World.

As LPE POLAND, we want to be an active member who inspires discussions, responds to needs and engages in digital reality projects. These are not just words. Together with the Employers of Poland, we have already organised the first webinar, How to Increase Company Efficiency Through Intelligent Automation. It’s not only a trending topic—automation and the use of artificial intelligence algorithms in the daily work of companies are the future. And we, as members of the organisation, want to draw attention to that digital part of the future.